Slavutych / Ukraine

Slavutych is a small town with approximately 25,000 residents in Northern Ukraine, situated right near the Belarusian border. The city was built in 1986 as a replacement for the irradiated city of Prypjat during the Chernobyl reactor disaster. Slavutych's economy remains closely tied to the power plant and the exclusion zone. In late March 2022, the town was briefly occupied by Russian troops, and images of the peaceful resistance of its inhabitants made headlines worldwide.

For several years now, we have been supporting the animal advocates in Slavutych. There is a small animal shelter in the city, run by dedicated volunteers. Like many other Ukrainian cities, there are numerous stray cats and some dogs that the animal advocates care for, including organizing spaying and neutering campaigns. Since the outbreak of the war, we have been able to send several tons of dog and cat food to Slavutych. Additionally, we provide the local animal advocates with urgently needed parasite protection and other essential supplies.